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Introducing the v-HR Agenda

The HR Agenda online – a new support resource for 2021

A bit of background - The original HR Agenda takes the form of an all-day event with like-minded HR leaders who physically meet up three times a year to air and explore any challenges or concerns. The group works together to listen and help resolve issues, sharing their knowledge in a community of trust and understanding. It’s amazing. We leave, thoroughly exhausted but invigorated, and most of our attendees see their days as essential personal development and part of their ongoing sanity checks! It puts a halt to the isolation and loneliness we can often feel when we are senior within an organisation, particularly in people/HR roles.

As we progress through the pandemic, and in the spirit of utmost accessibility, we are also offering The HR Agenda online for 90 minutes for just £90. There will be a maximum of 4 people per session and Debra Cadman will be in touch beforehand to go through the session so you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly.

These new 90-minute sessions will be held more regularly and allow you to catch up with your cohort more often in shorter, sharper bursts – but with a similar outcome. You’ll gain a sense of community and shared purpose, having made progress with your challenges.

“The sessions are invaluable to me as they help me to see I’m not in this alone and there’s somewhere to turn when I don’t have all the answers”

What to expect: we’ll meet via Zoom and introduce ourselves. The sessions are designed for each delegate to raise an issue or discussion point that is spoken aloud, uninterrupted and without judgement, with informed and helpful responses from around the table based upon each individual’s personal experience. It can feel quite exposing at first but the rewards are extraordinary; listening to the collective, intelligent support from the group and learning from shared experiences. The point is never to say ‘you need to do this’ but to listen understand and respond with ‘in my experience…’ It’s really powerful and thought-provoking. Give it a try!

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