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The quality of what we do is determined by the quality of our thinking.  So why is thinking for ourselves so radical?  I am sure, like I did, you feel that you do think for yourself.  However, often this is not the case.  Often we are directed in our thinking by the systems within which we exist.


A Thinking Environment is a beautiful, gentle approach to helping us explore independent thinking.   It allows you to explore your own thoughts in a way that is safe and comfortable for you.  It gives you your voice.


It works in group settings and in 1-2-1s.  How often have you sat in meetings and been unable to contribute?  How often do your colleagues interrupt you or you them?


I will partner with you to explore how you can become more effective in thinking, see below for course information.

Thinking Partnership Course in Lichfield on
4th & 5th April 2024 plus virtual follow up
£990 plus VAT

Course runs over 2 days together and a third day, held virtually.


You will learn the Thinking Partnership Session®, a uniquely powerful process for liberating the human mind whilst having the opportunity to practice and experience the beauty of a thinking environment.

You’ll emerge understanding the Thinking Partnership Session, exploring all ten components of the thinking environment and the importance of independent thinking.

You’ll take part as a Thinker and as a Thinking Partner, practicing Time to Think principles, experiencing both roles.

You’ll emerge with an expertise in thinking and listening that will impact immediately on numerous aspects of your life and work.

This course is a prerequisite for the Time to Think Coach Qualifying Course.

Graham – Coach and L&D Director, IT Sector

“I took part in training sessions with Debra over a period of a few weeks. I found the subject of the Thinking Partnership really interesting. It challenged my natural style of being quite interactive and showed me the belief and benefits of giving people time to think. The peeling of the layers of the topics was fascinating.


Throughout the training Debra held the space in a very natural way. Debra is professional and accomplished but always with humour and a personality that makes me feel relaxed and ready to be fully involved. It was great to see how much Debra believed in the Thinking Partnership and to hear the impact it had on her. This openness really helped with my own engagement.

Debra is a very natural teacher and facilitator and I'd fully recommend anyone attending sessions with her."

Diane - Coach and Consultant


The training I did with Debra has been enormously influential on my Coaching style. The course has given me much greater confidence to hold the silence when coaching, and to be more comfortable with it, and in doing so to give my clients more time to think. I feel that I am a more relaxed coach, better able to create a sense of safe space for clients to reflect and plan for change.

Debra’s style was warm and supportive, and we had a bespoke learning experience, built around our needs as learners. Thank you.

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