The quality of what we do is determined by the quality of our thinking.  So why is thinking for ourselves so radical?  I am sure, like I did, you feel that you do think for yourself.  However, often this is not the case.  Often we are directed in our thinking by the systems within which we exist.


A Thinking Environment is a beautiful, gentle approach to helping us explore independent thinking.   It allows you to explore your own thoughts in a way that is safe and comfortable for you.  It gives you your voice.


It works in group settings and in 1-2-1s.  How often have you sat in meetings and been unable to contribute?  How often do your colleagues interrupt you or you them?


I will partner with you to explore how you can become more effective in thinking, see below for course information.

Working with Difference


27/28 Sept '22

£700 (exc VAT)

Thinking Partnership


03/04 Oct '22

£825 (exc VAT)