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Throughout the current pandemic and all of its different phases we have been looking at managing its various aspects and the consequent effects on your people. Making work human is our theme, culture and passion. As well as delivering thoughts and support through articles we have a structured approach to working with individuals, groups and whole organisations on a number of levels.

Coaching sessions: one-to-one

I offer these via online Zoom calls and together we explore challenges and issues you might be facing. We learn how to communicate effectively – through really listening and allowing the other person to speak, explore and voice thoughts. I gently work through assumptions, concerns and difficulties, questioning and listening, until you arrive at solutions or find the confidence to go forward.

“I have no idea how she did it but Debra allowed me to reconcile myself. She challenged me without any confrontation. She made me see that I should make the most of who I am, what I do and appreciate what I do well, without over-focusing on what I could do better”.

Some clients use coaching sessions indefinitely as part of their personal development, enjoying an impartial sounding board. Others might book a series of sessions to work through a particular issue.

Whilst these sessions are one-to-one I often find myself working with several people from the same organisation where I am able to see many perspectives.

The HR Agenda – both on and offline

The HR Agenda launched a couple of years ago and has evolved recently with an online counterpart. Whether you are part of a group that meets physically or a group that makes the most of a Zoom platform, you can benefit from the collective wisdom in the room, hosted and facilitated by me.

“The group was very welcoming and it provides that vital head space you need - not just for work, but away from everything, so you can focus properly, check yourself and gain some valuable personal connectedness.”

We get together on a regular basis, in a small cohort of professionals, no more than 5 at a time. We discuss things that are topical, talking openly and confidentially, bringing our challenges with us to share and tackle together. It’s fascinating seeing how people get over their initial natural reserve, seeing how the process works its magic and how confidences are built and shared.

“It’s not always comfortable but no one could come out of a session without feeling better, with clarity and more understanding than they had before it. Also, by sharing problems and helping others in the group, it gives you a new lens on your own situation and adds another perspective.”

The physical get togethers are all day sessions and the online HR Agenda is 90 minutes long. You can bring whatever you like to the group and feel safe and able to be vulnerable, in the knowledge that the group respects and maintains the privacy of its members.

“It can be a lonely job as everyone looks to you for answers and can sometimes keep you at arm’s length. Feeling isolated in your role at work means you need an outlet - for me, that is The HR Agenda”.

“It is brilliant to step away from our day-to-day work, where there is no judgement, sharing concerns and issues and learning from each other. As well as receiving help or listening to different ideas, it’s great to be able to offer support ourselves, it’s a 2-way thing.”

Cadman HR – managing the processes

The third type of support is more typical of an HR professional. I am able to work with your organisation to identify and manage areas of change in all of its guises.

“Cadman HR were quick to understand our business challenges and the obstacles we needed to overcome. Most importantly, they were easy to engage with – they had clear and manageable requirements from us and worked in an efficient and friendly way.”

At any time, but particularly right now, the HR landscape is fast-moving and my job is to support you and keep you up to date with change and help your organisation move through and beyond the changes positively and compliantly.

These three areas of HR support often overlap which is why we chose a brand that shows the three colours but also how they merge as one. I have clients where all three services are in play constantly and others where I might provide one or two. That’s the thing with a people-based business, the edges blur and you never know what might happen next!

Contact me if you think you, your team or business could benefit from a little direct talking and pro-active guidance. Working with an outsider, with impartiality and clarity, is a great place to start. If you’d like to start off gently, we have a Linked In group that you’re most welcome to join.

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