Make work human

“I am going to focus on how we make work more human. I think it's really important as leaders that we consider everybody's perspective and try and hear what people are saying”

SEPTEMBER 2020: The Covid Effect


Our theme for September is The Covid Effect and sets the scene for the work ahead of us all over the coming weeks and months.


People are worried about going back to work. This is understandable but it’s not always in the ways we might expect. Obvious health concerns aside, there are deeper psychological waves rippling through the workplace – from rebuilding our frameworks to navigating through and establishing a level of security.

AUGUST 2020: Iteration, evolution and change


Change is the enduring theme right now. Learning to accept, embrace and enjoy change can be challenging. Sometimes, when change is almost forced upon us in order to survive, the most interesting and amazing things can result.

JULY 2020: Flexibility, adapting and becoming more self-aware

This month we will continue to post around our theme of making work human by exploring what it means to be flexible at work, adapting and embracing change and how being self-aware impacts on how we work together.

JUNE 2020: Transparency, vulnerability and authenticity

As lockdown eases in a changing work landscape, we need to examine the practical ways we can help our teams stay connected. Transparency and honesty builds trust in our teams and it's important we don't miss vital clues on how we create a well-informed and energised workforce. Engaging and keeping things open and direct are key.


June: transparency

Debra, launching our 3-month campaign to


'Make work human'

July: flexibility

Debra introducing July's theme of flexibility in the campaign to Make Work Human

August: change

September: The Covid Effect

Debra outlining August's theme of change in the campaign to Make Work Human

Debra explaining our September theme of 'The Covid Effect' and how we navigate the coming weeks and months

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