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Defining an employee value proposition

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 Case study: Managing Redundancy

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“I was 100% happy with the services we received in relation to a redundancy process.  Cadman HR were efficient, reliable, organised and reassuring throughout our engagement”

Brian Mole Independent Financial Advisers Ltd, were facing a change in the way that they were operating meaning that they needed to reshape their administration team.  Specifically, they had a requirement to reduce the number of heads by half due to a significant reduction in their administrative workload.


The Managing Director, Kevin Douglas (pictured and quoted above), was keen to manage the necessary redundancy process in a way that was both respectful to the staff, who were long-standing members of the team and in a way that ensured legal compliance and peace of mind.


Kevin enlisted the support of Cadman HR following a personal recommendation.  He described our interactions with him as “efficient, reliable, organised and reassuring”.


In the course of running the redundancy process, we confirmed the legal requirements, designed a matrix to assess and evaluate staff and provided scripts to be used in each meeting with the individuals at risk of redundancy. 


Cadman HR attended each of the individual meetings and communicated the final decision to each individual as soon as it had been made.  Kevin felt that this was “a good thing to do because people knew exactly where they were” and any uncertainty was eliminated as soon as possible.


Kevin commented in particular on our approach to communicating about the process, which he felt was a beneficial aspect of working with us.  We ensured that those involved were clear on what would be happening and that other employees were not negatively affected or concerned – particularly as the business was thriving and the change in structure was driven by role and process requirements, rather than financial necessity.


Brian Mole were also appreciative of our discretion and flexibility in arranging meetings outside of their offices, which maintained privacy throughout the process.


The desired outcome was achieved with 50% of the administration staff accepting redundancy terms; and the remaining team feeling that the process had been effective and being delighted to be a part of the company going forward.

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