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All change!

Outwardly it's all change at Cadman HR and The HR Agenda. In reality, nothing has changed. Let me explain.

We have one new website (instead of two) that brings everything together neatly:

  • Cadman HR: working with business owners to help them build a 'people strategy' that will work for their business.

  • Cadman Coaching: for anyone that is thinking about something meaningful in their life whether that is related to their individual career; their business plans or something personal. It’s difficult to separate them when you start on a coaching relationship because you bring the whole person to a coaching session - exactly as it should be.

  • The HR Agenda: aimed at supporting colleagues in my profession. HR is the best job in the world but it can be the loneliest too. So I have created a safe space for people to step out of the business of work and think about their challenges with like-minded peers. We all grow and learn together – super powerful.

The three divisions have always been in existence but presented separately and, if I'm honest, not true to my personal brand. I have laboured under a corporate cloak for many years - and actually it was right for me until more recently as that was the space I was in - working with household names, taking on lengthy consulting roles and providing HR services at a high level.

More recently I have stepped away from the large corporates and am enjoying a different focus working with owner managers, individuals and other senior HR professionals. It has led me to rethink how I present myself.

My business is all about people. It's also all about how I work with people - clients, their teams and my associates. They are all that matter ultimately as a business without its people is usually closed.

So I have a brand that is a fingerprint - the 'group' logo mixes the teal, purple and gold of the three divisions which each have their own colour. Mixing the colours is important because I realised that my services don't fit neatly into three buckets, they are fluid and overlap. Therefore I needed a website (this one!) that shows the three areas I work in - but all together - so any client can be aware of and use any of the services at any time. This is particularly true of many of the owner managers I work with.

People are unique – like fingerprints. Each person is wonderfully unique and perfectly imperfect. There is no judgement about this – it’s just a lovely fact to embrace. Also, in the way that technology uses our uniqueness for access to our devices, my business is all about opening up the potential of an individual, a business or group of HR leaders.

My previous website was very corporate – I am not! I am informal, often irreverent and human. I am warm, love a good laugh and I swear. I am always honest, direct and straightforward. I am not for everyone, but if you like those qualities then we will get along just fine and the clients I work for, I work for over long periods of time.

I hope you like it.

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