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A problem shared... is a problem solved

“Hi, I’m John, and I’m an HR Director”. We’ve all been there. Networking hell. If you are having visions of AA-esque meetings and a group of people squirming in their seats knowing that the baton will shortly be coming their way, rest assured. The HR Agenda gets all of the value out of peer-coaching with none of the discomfort. There is no pressure to entertain, orate or take the stage.

But you might be wondering why would it be a good idea to take the business issues that are most concerning or challenging you to a group of people you don’t know. Well, in the wrong environment, it is not a good idea. But if you are in a facilitated group of respectful and like-minded peers, there’s everything to gain. Here are four reasons why you might like to look outside your organisation for clarity, inspiration and innovation.

You can be completely candid – in a confidential and safe space you can speak openly and relax enough to say what is really on your mind. How will strategic workforce planning really benefit your organisation and where do you start with the project? What is it that really bothers you about your team or board? What worries or excites you that no one else in your organisation seems to be interested in? How are you feeling about your role, your vulnerabilities and your position? You can say exactly how you feel in a judgement and consequence free environment.

You will get uncensored thinking – in response to your freedom of thought, you are likely to receive the same in return. Your peers will hold up the mirror without preconceptions, limits or precautions because you are not their boss (or their internal competition) and they have no agenda, other than to help you do some quality thinking to help you arrive at valuable solutions. They will speak from their own mind and heart as there is no one in the room that they need to impress or protect.

You get diversity of perspective – not only will the thinking from others be uncensored, it will be diverse. By joining a cross-sector peer group of like-minded leaders, you will benefit from their personal lens to help you see new possibilities. You will hear stories based on their previous experiences and be able to tap into a valuable knowledge base. There won’t be ‘group think’ that is inherent within organisations. You will be challenged, disagreed with and coached to the edge - where your biggest breakthroughs can be made.

You will learn while you coach - As well as benefiting from being coached yourself, in helping others think their way through issues and challenges you will learn as well. Not only will you sit in the client hot-seat and receive coaching from others, you also get to flex your muscle as a coach, and hear other people formulate thinking that may be applicable to issues you are facing or may face in the future.

As with all supportive coaching relationships, The HR Agenda is set up for communities to receive encouragement and be held accountable for any decisions or actions that are committed to by its members. And the only vested interest of those in your community will be in helping you succeed.

As Bill Withers sang “Call on me brother, when you need a hand… I just might have a problem that you’ll understand”. But as we said, there won’t be a need for singing as there will be plenty to entertain your mind.

If you would like to join one of the forthcoming cohorts of The HR Agenda, contact us or have a quick look through our website.

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