"For me, it's all about the people"

Debra Cadman runs  Cadman HR Services and Coaching (both for individual and teams).

Each part of the business serves you differently - strategically as an organisation and individually through coaching.


Debra brings a pragmatic, hands-on approach to her work. She has a direct, common-sense attitude, underpinned by a light touch, empathy and genuine warmth. Her extensive corporate background belies her down-to-earth, refreshingly different approach. 


Which HR service do you need?

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Strategic people planning, engagement and transformation

One-to-one coaching

Systemic Team coaching

Time to Think by Nancy Kline because the quality of everything we do, depends upon the quality of our thinking

It's an individual approach


As unique as your fingerprint, we all need different types of support throughout our careers. Debra combines a life-time of HR knowledge and resources to effectively work with individuals, teams and organisations. You might need a full HR service for a people-based strategy to take your business forward. Or you might need coaching for you, someone in your team or for a group within your business.  Debra has an uncanny knack of getting under the skin of your people to ask the right questions, pose thought-provoking challenges and give the confidence and inspiration to reframe and rethink how we do things.


Business owner

I was 100% happy with the services we received in relation to a redundancy process.  Cadman HR were efficient, reliable, organised and reassuring throughout our engagement

Coaching client

 I have no idea how she did it but Debra allowed me to reconcile myself. She challenged me without confrontation. She made me see that I should make the most of who I am, what I do and appreciate what I do well, without over-focusing on what I could do better.


Debra's clients, past & present

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Contact Debra

Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Serving the whole of the UK and beyond...

07894 857360


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