Sickness & Long Term Absence

Sickness & Long Term Absence

Dealing with long term absence and sickness can be difficult if you don’t have procedures and measurable rules in place.

The legal contractual obligations for an employer are the same regardless of whether the worker is low skill, low wage or senior management, but the terms of their individual contract are likely to be very different.
Cadman HR work with companies to ensure that the Terms and Conditions of each employee allow the business to have a measurable plan for long term sickness or absence whilst being structured to be competitive enough to retain key personnel.

People get sick; they also have external issue which mean that medium to long term absence is needed. Managing this within a company’s structure and resources whilst being legally compliant as well as upholding the organisations HR ethos is what we do.

We assist with:

  • Contract writing
  • Advising to Senior Management and Board
  • Organising and managing employee interviews
  • Organising medical assessments
  • Termination management
  • Staged return strategies
  • Liaising with legal to get a pragmatic way forward

Managing long term absence and sick leave is about doing the right thing and being seen to do the right thing. Employees value clear process and unambiguous policies. Cadman HR can help deliver this to your organisation.

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