Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

Staying up to date and on the right side of employment law is a huge challenge for every organisation. Legislation around employment is ever changing and with Brexit on the horizon, remaining fully compliant with all aspects of the employment law is critical.

We operate across companies of all sizes, but what is common amongst all, is that manager’s express concerns to us all the time about being legally compliant especially in the areas of hiring, employment termination, health and safety and employee relations.

Employee litigation is no longer an uncommon practice. The financial implications and negative public relations effect of getting it wrong mean that having an always fully compliant approach to HR and employment processes should be prioritised.

Legal compliance does not have to be reliant on your company’s legal team which can be expensive, Cadman HR are the partner to many companies to help them manage their HR legal compliancy issues.

Clearly we have to work alongside your lawyers when applying processes which have legal implications, but we are the ‘go to’ consultants to management teams.

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