Grievance & Disciplinary

Grievance & Disciplinary

At some point every company that employs staff will deal with Employee Grievances and Disciplinaries. The larger the organisation, the more likely the possibility.

Dealing with both Grievances and Disciplinaries must be done in a legally compliant way and with a clear process that is sympathetic to the rights of the worker but also enables the employer to exercises its legal rights.

The starting point for any company is to have a Human Resource plan that minimises the risk of a disciplinary procedure or an employee grievance in the first place. Unfortunately, even with everything in place to mitigate staff problems, they will still happen.

There are Statutory Employment Rights that need to be adhered to in any procedure. Failing to understand them and breaching rules could lead to expensive and protracted legal problems brought about by claims for constructive dismissal or similar. This has to be balanced with a pragmatic commercial approach too.

Cadman HR work with companies to put into place defined legally compliant procedures that both the employee and the employer have access to and understand.

Once these are in place we can act as an independent qualified third party. Sitting in on meetings, advising, and helping facilitate grievance procedures and disciplinaries can help you achieve the most positive outcome whilst minimising the chance of breaching employment law or having extended legal issues. We also help or advise on the internal communication to ensure any fallout on other staff following on from a disciplinary is as minimal and where necessary as positive as possible.

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