Case Study - Disciplinary

Case Study - Disciplinary


EffecTech - conducting disciplinary procedures

EffecTech, a leading service provider in the gas and LNG industries, engaged Cadman HR to provide support with aspects of their people management, including disciplinary, grievance and redundancy. Cadman HR has a long-term, trusted relationship with EffecTech and provides services as and when they are needed.  

The company does not have an in-house HR function so the company Directors were keen to bring in expertise and seek advice to ensure that disciplinary, grievance and redundancy activities were carried out in a structured, fair and legally compliant way.  

In dealing with each case of disciplinary, Cadman HR formulated the process and provided all the materials to support the person who would be running the meeting.  Cadman HR also attended the meetings, ensuring that the key agenda items were addressed and that meeting minutes were accurately captured and scribed for the company to keep on record.  

Gavin Squire, Company Director, described that one of the benefits of working with Cadman HR is the high level of support provided and Debra’s responsiveness in answering questions and being available to talk through a process.  He explained that Cadman HR added value in disciplinary meetings by asking the difficult questions and providing a degree of challenge that didn’t come as easily to those carrying out the process in-house.

Gavin described Cadman HR’s “careful and conscious approach” to the legal obligations of the company.  He noted that he had valued the way that Cadman HR had identified when further legal advice was necessary, and had liaised with the company’s legal advisors so that the Directors were able to make informed and timely decisions as to how to proceed on particular matters.  

Gavin also noted that Cadman HR’s approach was pragmatic and fair to both parties.  He described that in discussing approaches to dealing with people issues with Debra, her challenge, sometimes in pushing harder, and sometimes in pulling back, had led to a more balanced course of action in each case - to the benefit of both employees and the business.  EffecTech had found that Cadman HR’s clear and direct explanations and advice made it easy to make decisions and Gavin reflected that “Debra is a great person to have on your side as owners and managers of a company”.

“The use of Cadman HR enables us to get pragmatic solutions to difficult staffing situations and gives us peace of mind that we are doing things correctly”

Gavin Squire, Company Director, EffecTech

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