Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning is a structured analysis of a businesses’ staffing resources. It is a review of the current status and a plan for future manpower requirements to help the business achieve its objectives.

Workforce Planning analyses:

  • Size of the workforce
  • Location of the workforce
  • Staff retention
  • Skills required
  • Experience required
  • Changes in service or product
  • Business relocation
  • Part-time / full-time / flexitime work needs
  • Aging population
  • Impact on the business and staff through technology
  • Acquisitions

It is not just major change that requires Workforce Planning, it is an ongoing part of any business as it affects how to decide what vacancies a business has, what the job description(s) should be, how to fill the roles (now and in the future), establishing qualification and experience requirements and highlighting ongoing training needs.

Cadman HR works with companies to implement the plan by working with the company’s Management and HR departments. As an external organisation, we help to deliver workable and structured Workforce Planning with minimal organisational downtime.

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