Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection

Not all companies have an HR department to bring a professional and effective process to recruitment. Even when an HR department is in place, external oversight or specialist knowledge can attract and appoint top level staff.

Staff are often the most expensive cost for a business as well as their biggest asset. Getting the recruitment selection right is one of the most important things any company must do. Corporate competitiveness starts with employing the right people.

Recruitment starts with the job description; establishing the purpose of the role and how it fits into the current structure. Defining the level of qualification and experience needed, the reward and conditions on offer and the personal attributes to make the role successful.

Appropriate and focused advertisement of the role along with any head hunting and agency selection are the key to finding the best applicants. Once you have the applicants, shortlisting them and the defining the interview process is both time consuming but critical to selecting high level talent.

The interview process may change based on the type and seniority of the role, but handling this stage correctly will get you the right person at the right deal.

All parts of the recruitment and selection process are so important to get right. Cadman HR will help you to not only get it right, but will work on this in the background while your business remains focused on its core function. We have recruited at the very highest level in F100 companies as well as middle management in SMEs. We understand the importance of getting it right and help deliver the right people will then contribute to building you a bigger and better business.

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