Case Study - EVP

Case Study - EVP

gattaca logoGattaca plc. – Defining an Employee Value Proposition

Having recently launched their group brand that encompassed several legacy businesses, Gattaca were contending with a lack of consistency in their employer brand and employee expectations of the business.  Gattaca was seeking to attract and retain the best talent to take them forward, which posed a considerable challenge in the fast moving and competitive recruitment industry, with competitors who could offer bigger basic packages and seemingly more opportunity to candidates.  There was also an imperative for the business to reach stretching financial targets. 

Gattaca’s HR and Marketing team recognised that a well articulated Employee Value Proposition (EVP) could make a significant impact on the engagement and performance of existing employees, as well as making it easier to attract the best fit individuals to the company through a compelling employer brand. 

Gattaca chose to work with Cadman HR on their EVP because they felt that we understood their business challenges and would bring a commercial edge to a project that could be perceived as a distraction from chargeable activity by Sales Managers in the business.  They also felt that our approach reflected their own style and that we would connect well with people throughout the business. 

Gattaca asked us to get to the heart of what managers and employees thought and felt about the organisation and what was most important to them about working there.  We designed and ran a series of workshops to elicit this information and then pulled the findings together into the ‘attributes’ of the company, which could then be used to articulate the EVP and a single employer brand.

The Head of Talent Management, Claire Cross, described the benefit of having an external, unbiased team who employees felt able to be completely candid with.  She also found our workshop design to be innovative and that employees were energised and positive after attending a workshop session.  

Claire explained how she found it easy to apply the insight gained and the outputs of the workshops in order to secure further investment in the EVP and manager training from Gattaca’s Senior Management Team.  Gattaca has since created its EVP ‘pillars’, which are being rolled out in collaboration with its managers.

“It was refreshing to work with a consultancy that had a pragmatic approach to a business issue and didn’t try to academicise it.  Cadman HR were quick to understand our business challenges and the obstacles we needed to overcome.  Most importantly, they were easy to engage with – they had clear and manageable requirements from us and worked in an efficient and friendly way.”

Claire Cross, Head of Talent Management, Gattaca Plc. 

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