Working with Works Councils

Working with Works Councils

If your organisation employs more than 50 people, there is a requirement for you to keep your staff informed about what the company is planning where it may affect the workforce.

A Works Council is an organisation which represents the workforce. It only needs 10 employees forming 15% of the staff to request it and the company to obliged to facilitate a Works Council. Having a Works Council requires a formal agreement. Once the request has been made by the staff representatives the company has six months to put together the formal agreement for the Works Council.

Sounds scary however it can also be one of the most effective engagement tools as well as giving leadership an insight into what their employees are thinking – insight that you cannot get from elsewhere.

Cadman HR offers invaluable support in putting together a Works Council agreement which will assist in getting the best out of working with a Works Council for all parties. We will help you create an open and transparent exchange along with offering training for all parties, representatives and managers who work with the Works Council. We can even help with the formalities around minute taking and agenda items to maximise the discussions.

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