Internal Communications

Internal Communications

One of the most important aspects of managing change within business is Internal Communication. ‘How you say it, When you say it and What you say’, can determine the success of transitional change within an organisation.

Internal Communication needs to be planned to ensure it is effective and it does not legally compromise the company. This is especially important if jobs or roles are at risk through any planned changes.

Getting a Policy for Internal Communication starts with the guidelines or rules for who communicates information at each level within the company. Then you can establish clear and written processes at each level about how information moves up and down and where the authority sits to communicate on mass or individually on sensitive information.

Cadman HR advise on both the legal and most effective methodologies on disseminating information internally. We help to formulate the Policies, consult on the best way to communicate difficult or negative information as well as work on a more individual level when there is a need for caution in how best to proceed when there is for example communication with a worker over a grievance procedure.

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