Case Study - Employee Survey

Case Study - Employee Survey


Coram - Engaging employees to create 'one' Coram

With two UK manufacturing businesses under their umbrella brand, Coram were keen to create a single, joined up approach to managing their people across the group.

Coram asked Cadman HR to support them with the integration of the two businesses from a people perspective, as they did not have a permanent HR Director in-house.  We worked with Coram over a period of two years, taking a holistic and long-term approach to our consultancy and support through a number of projects.  

Following a workshop in which Cadman HR facilitated the scoping out of a high-level people plan, the leadership team were keen to begin by engaging with their employees and asked us to undertake a ‘fact finding’ exercise to find out how employees felt about the business and also to begin communicating messages around a single company approach.  They had identified the need for a common platform in terms of values, and for the business strategy and structure to be better understood by all employees.

We designed and ran a series of employee engagement workshops to collect data and insights on the company culture, what was valued about working there and ideas that employees had to build a stronger business. We also consulted employees on the company values and supported them in understanding how they could be manifested in day to day work.

The findings from these sessions, including a refined set of values based on employee feedback, were presented back to the Leadership Team and then cascaded to employees through internally run workshops. Managing Director, John Blackburn, described the workshops as an “excellent, inclusive piece of work, that gave us greater awareness of exactly how employees were feeling and the issues that we needed to attend to”.  Members of the leadership team described that with the outputs of the workshop, they felt well set up for the future and knew where to focus their efforts in terms of people management.

“I would describe our experience with Cadman HR as an honest relationship – they don’t try to ‘over-consult’ and we felt that if we didn’t need something, they weren’t going to force it on us”

John Blackburn, Managing Director, Coram UK

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