Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Organisations need talented leaders and managers. Internal selection, training and developing existing staff is often the best way to put the right people in the right senior posts. Existing personnel understand the company’s structure and ethos and market position.

Succession Planning is the process of identifying internal talent then training and developing them for success in their future role.

Successfully internal placement of senior management should be done with The Board and HR departments working together to ensure that the selection and development plan is in line with the long-term goals of the organisation.

Identifying potential successors needs a combination of reviewing performance and identifying potential indicators. Succession is not necessarily about promotion but it is sometimes about sideways movement so HR departments should have successions planning considered as a part of the policies of recruitment and performance reviews.

Cadman HR has experience of successful succession planning in multiple large corporations. We assist is all parts of the process from identification of potential candidates to consulting on and writing the development plan in conjunction with the HR department and the Senior Management.

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