Identifying High Potential Empoyees

Identifying High Potential Empoyees

In any organisation, identifying potential in the workforce should be high on the list of priorities..

Isolating talent is not always straight forward as the skills shown in a role do not necessarily pass over to a more senior role. Just because someone is a great salesman, does not mean that they will make an equally great sales manager. Equally, an administration officer may have all the skills lying dormant to make a very successful procurement manager.

Spotting where talent is already available within the workforce needs a multifaceted approach. It should be woven into the appraisal and performance management plan; senior management should be on-board with the idea that internal promotion is not always an upward process but it can be a sideways one and when positions become available and the workforce should be encouraged to consider opportunities not necessarily in their current job role or department.

The identification plan should always look at a number of factors and once identified, these high potential employees typically need to be engaged. By nature, they will want to see ongoing routes to career progression and are likely to question practices or management issues they don’t agree with. They are also the ones most likely to be head hunted by your competition.

Cadman HR can work with your company to assist in the planning for and the process of identifying talent within your organisation. With years of experience in large corporates as well as progressive SMEs we have the ability to help you identify, develop and then hold on to your most important people.

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