Development Programmes

Development Programmes

Effective leaders in business are always assessing their own requirements for further personal development. They will also see the importance of development for key workers and managers around them and within their company.

A formal appraisal process is assessed annually, may highlight personal development needs, but a Development Programme is more a continuous approach to the personal improvement and training needs of individuals. Once individuals have been highlighted as suitable for a Development Programme consultation with them is the first step.

This covers:

  • Medium and long term career goals
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Commitment to learning
  • Formal training (external or internal) requirements
  • Increasing opportunities to develop their experience

The programme is set over a specific time period with milestones for review and appraisal. The period will be agreed by both the employee and employer and will include time for any formal qualification or training requirements to achieve the agreed outcomes.

Career and Personal Development doesn’t stop at the end of a formal Development Programme and the Programme should be seen in the context of it being an ongoing process.

Cadman HR can bring decades of experience in working with key personnel in Development Programmes.

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