Case Study - TUPE

Case Study - TUPE


Coram - Creating a Single Legal Entity using TUPE

As part of a wider piece of work that Cadman HR were completing with Coram to integrate their two manufacturing businesses, we supported Coram in a TUPE transfer so that all employees were employed under a single legal entity.  Coram needed to complete the process in a short timeframe and wanted to ensure that they were compliant with employment law.  

Cadman HR created a plan and all the necessary documentation for Coram to complete the transfer.  We provided the tools to put together a panel of employee representatives and gave the reps training on their role.  Finance Director, Mark Dain, described that the process went very smoothly and that they “had lots of positive noises coming back from the employee representatives.  They were able to do a good job because Cadman HR helped them understand what they needed to do”.  He noted that as a result of Cadman HR’s facilitation in the process, “the consultation was an effective piece of communication between the senior team and our employees”.


“It’s been a good journey, I’ve learnt a lot from it.  Cadman HR have been a good sounding board, providing us with an alternative point of view and without an agenda”

Mark Dain, Finance Director, Coram UK

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